Jumat, 30 September 2011

To Be A Billionaire With Computer Networks

Computer networks are very useful in everyday life, especially in an age which is too modern nowadays. Everybody needs to do his job easy. With a network of computers all the complicated activities will become easier and efficient, both in terms of cost, time, or energy. In the world of business of an enterprise, computer networks are also useful for imaging company. The goal of computer networks, among others: 1. Efficient: cost, time, energy 2. Imaging company As an example of an efficient computer network destination cost, time, effort, and imaging companies in everyday life are as follows:  Efficient based on cost: 

• For example the spread of wedding invitations, birthday, or reunions today do not need to pay a very expensive just to make the invitation. Invitations may be disseminated or transmitted through the medium of communication inherent in computer networks such as social networking. • In the process of selling and buying goods with a computer network can save cost and highly profitable. Because pemgat profitable. Because buyers can easily purchase can easily find the items sought and got it cheaply because without the intervention of others. So also with the seller that will benefit more, because no other rewards those who help sell goods. • At the time of payment of tuition does not currently need to pay to go to college who are outside the city. Students can pay through bank with an online system. 

 Efficient on time:
• eg when paying electricity bills. Electric current payments do not have to waste time, because now there are online payment systems that can be done anywhere. • At the bookstore already has a network of computers of consumers do not have to waste time traveling from one city to another, to get the books you are looking for. With the computer network facility consumers can find a book store that has the book. • In field sports like badminton functions of a computer network similar to the above book stores. Visitors can find or know the exact day and time the field is not used  Efficient energy based on: • Eg when booking catering in large numbers. Currently home to eat or restaurants that already have online booking facilities systems do not bother to travel just to order catering. With facilities already provided by restaurant customers can order at once to pay orders easily and quickly. • At the time of travel booking one need not travel to visit places that exist. Visitors just ordered via online services and with it the car that was ordered will pick up and deliver to the destination. • In electronics stores such as at a computer store that has a computer network facilities. Consumers do not need to be confused to find a computer with the desired specifications. Consumers just mention what kind of computer who want to have. If you have found computers to be purchased, the store will ship items quickly.
 Imaging companies: 

• For example at the hotel already has a computer network facilities, with facilities of computer networks that are already available by the hotel prospective visitors can find out more advantages possessed by the hotel. Not only know the benefits of the hotel, prospective visitors can also find rooms that are still available, reserve a room, as well as pay. • At the sights that already have a computer network facilities can make a better corporate image. Because these fasilitaas easier for visitors to know the advantages and facilities owned by the sights. • In houses or apartments already have a computer network facilities can make a better corporate image. Because these fasilitaas easier for visitors to know the advantages and facilities owned by a housing or apartments.  Examples of computer networking goals of efficient, cost, time, effort, and the company pencittraan Bank. Eg payment of tuition is now able through the online system. Thus, customers or students who will pay for college does not need to go far between cities or between provinces. The online system is very save cost, time, and effort. Excellent facilities that can also make a better corporate image.

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